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R3132/N, R3162, R3172 Spectrum Analyzers

Powerful allrounders for general applications in development, production, testshop and service*Complementary Product. (NOT distributed in North America & Asia.)

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Picture R3132/N, R3162, R3172 Spectrum Analyzers


The medium-class spectrum analyzers are powerful allrounders suitable for a wide variety of applications for manual as well as system operation, cost-effective in the development, production and service of communication products, consumer electronics and in EMC precertification measurements. They offer very good characteristics in terms of signal resolution, noise floor and dynamic range.

R31x2 product family

  • R3132: 9 kHz to 3 GHz
  • R3132N: 9 kHz to 3 GHz, 75 ohm version
  • R3162: 9 kHz to 8 GHz
  • R3172: 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
  • A wide range of analysis functions affords great ease of operation. The growing importance of radio systems in particular makes increasing demands on spectrum analyzers. This aspect has been taken into account by fast sweep time in the zero span, gated sweep and adjacent-channel power measurements.

    Options can be retrofitted to match application requirements.


    • Digital and analog Radio Transmitter Characteristic Measurement
    • Manufacturing Test
    • EMC Testing (Precompliance)
    • Education/Training
    • Cable TV
    • Digital Mobile Communications
    • Microwave applications (R3172)

    For EMI precompliance measurement, 6 dB bandwidth filters (9 kHz, 120 kHz and 1 MHz) and a QP detector are equipped as standard. An optional 200 Hz narrow RBW filter can be added for EMC measurements. A high-speed time domain measurement function which is indispensable for mobile communications, is available as an option.

    By using the double-screen display function, you can specify the rising/falling edge of TDMA waveforms and display the magnified image.

    The R31x2 series spectrum analyzer has ACP and OBW operation functions which are indispensible for evaluating the transmission characteristic of radio systems. With various other functions such as AUTO TUNE, 1 Hz resolution frequency counter, dBc/Hz, %AM, and PASS/FAIL test by limit value, the R31x2 series can easily perform several types of measurements. Even for weakest signals the preamplifier ensures level calibrated, high-accuracy measurement.

    For measuring the attenuation characteristics of filters or the frequency characteristics of cables, etc., a built-in tracking generator is available as an option. Because the output level can be set in a wide range, it is possible to measure amplifier gain, frequency response, etc.

    The high-resolution, 6.5-inch TFT color LCD provides easy-to-see display of data. A VGA output is provided for external display.

    Measured waveform data and setting condition can be saved in or recalled from the internal memory. Using the floppy disk drive which is equipped as standard, you can manage more measurement data. Text data or Bitmap data on floppy disk are also useful for making documents on a personal computer.

    As the hard-copy function is provided to ESC/P. ESC/P-R and PCL, measured data can be printed out on general-purpose printers.

    GPIB and RS232 are equipped as standard.


    Upgrade your Spectrum analyzer R31x2 with additional functions like

    • Channel settings
    • Automatic spurious test within predefined frequency spans
    • Spectrum mask settings for mobile communication applications
    R3132/N, R3162, R3172 Spectrum Analyzers Datos Clave

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