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R&S®NGSM32/10, NGSM60/5 Programmable DC Power Supply with arbitrary function

Designed for car electronics and mobile phone applications in service, laboratory and production

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Picture R&S®NGSM32/10, NGSM60/5 Programmable DC Power Supply with arbitrary function

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DC Power Supplies R&S® NGSM are versatile supply and measuring units for testing electronic car components by simulating real operating conditions. In addition to a wide field of car electronics, it can be used in mobile radio, car hifi applications and mechanical engineering. Due to its compact design, the units take up only one half 19" width. A 19" adapter is available for mounting the R&S® NGSM into test racks.

Application-specific characteristics

Car electronics

R&S® NGSM is a precise and, thanks to its versatility, an extremely economical tool for use in the production of electronics. With the aid of an IEC/IEEE bus or RS-232-C interface (optional), the power supply can readily be integrated into in-line production systems. The startup curve in line with DIN40839 can be adapted to other factory standards by reprogramming it. High surge currents typically occur in applications such as central lock-ing or ABS, but with a pulse current of up to 30 A, R&S® NGSM32/10 is ideally prepared for these applications.

Mobile radio systems

The high resolution for current measurements allows the maximum operating time of a mobile phone to be accurately predicted; typical voltage drops during the startup of a car - which have to be tolarated by telephones operated at a car net can be simulated.

DC Power Supply R&S® NGSM is insensitive to the RF voltage conducted from a device under test or radiated from a nearby antenna.

Car hifi

With a short-term load current of 20 A (R&S® NGSM32/10), even boosters can be supplied. Peak current measurements allow the power loading of devices to be predicted. Simulation of the startup curve to DIN40839 is also very useful in car hifi applications, e.g. to spot problems due to unexpected data loss of theft-proof car radios with security code.

Simple arbitrary generator

R&S® NGSM can also be used as a simple arbitrary generator but with the high output power of a power supply unit. Up to 60 reference values are available per voltage range which have to be pro-grammed with lenghts of stay of each 1 ms to 4 s. R&S® NGSM automatically interpolates between two values.