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R&S®EM510 HF Digital Wideband Receiver

Efficient and versatile solution for radiomonitoring

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Picture R&S®EM510 HF Digital Wideband Receiver

The state-of-the-art R&S®EM510 is a fully digitized HF receiver and covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 32 MHz.

Excellent RF characteristics and a wide dynamic range combined with powerful digital signal processing are the basis for optimal system solutions.

  • Wideband operation
    • I/Q data up to 10 MHz bandwidth
    • Demodulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth
  • 30 IF filters (bandwidths from 100 Hz to 10 MHz)
  • Panorama scan up to 34 GHz/s or 600 000 channels/s
  • Frequency/memory scan up to 1500 channels/s
  • IF panorama with up to 9.6 MHz span
  • Video panorama, AM, FM, AM², FM², I/Q, I/Q²
  • Audio filters: notch, noise suppression, bandpass
  • Dual-channel analog video output (AM, FM)
  • ITU measurements
  • LAN interface (SCPI)

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