R&S®SMU-B14 Fading Simulator

Datos Clave

When signals are sent from the transmitter to the receiver, various fading effects occur. Thus, multiple propagation paths may be superimposed on each other either constructively or destructively. In addition, the movement of the receiver relative to the transmitter creates a frequency shift. The R&S®SMU200A fading simulator makes it easy to simulate these conditions in the lab. This is the only way to optimize receiver performance.

  • up to 20 fading paths (up to 40 with R&S®SMU-B14 and second fading simulator R&S®SMU-B15)
  • fading bandwidth up to 80 MHz
  • time resolution 10ps in fine delay mode
  • fading profiles Rayleigh, Rician, Lognormal, Suzuki, constant phase, pure Doppler, static path
  • Birth-death, moving delay and High-speed train scenarios to 3GPP (with option R&S®SMU-K71)
  • MIMO fading (with options R&S®SMU-B14, -B15 and -K74)

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